Solar on a Transformative Scale

Pacifico Energy focuses on large-scale project development to achieve economies of scale. We have developed four of the nine largest projects to reach the financing stage in Japan.


Now Is the Time for Solar

The way we generate, distribute, and use electricity is changing. With the cost of solar now just 25% of what it was in 2010, the industry is experiencing a disruption—and tremendous growth. Pacifico Energy is excited to lead this transformation.

Working with Regional Communities

We place a high priority on the localization of each of our various project sites. We place multiple staff members at every site during every phase of the project, including the 20 year operational life. Our team members not only manage construction and operation but also nurture strong relationships with local stakeholders, such as utilities, local governing bodies, and communities.

The Sakuto PV Project

Pacifico Energy developed the 258MW Sakuto PV project, spanning 409 hectares—the largest renewable project in Japan to date. 42%of the project site is left undisturbed for the purpose of native forest preservation and wildlife conservation.