Winds of Change:
Offshore Wind Power

Ocean winds can be transformed into a source of clean, efficient, and abundant energy. Wind power is a renewable source of energy that can help reduce Asia’s dependence on fossil fuels.


Because of the large scale at which it can be deployed, offshore wind has great potential as a significant source of alternative energy.

Designing Turbines for Japan’s Deeper Coastal Waters

Deepwater Mounts

Unlike the shallow waters of European coastlines, Japan’s deeper waters make it difficult to find locations for building bottom-mounted foundations. Pacifico is developing in a number of locations where seabeds are less than 60 meters in depth, allowing for monopile and jacket foundations. We’re able to incorporate technology designed for deepwater oil rigs.

Floating Wind Turbines

Floating wind turbines are a viable alternative to deepwater mounts, making it possible for locales with a lack of shallow waters to host wind turbines. The ability to be based further offshore also reduces visual pollution and accommodates fishing and shipping lanes. Pacifico Energy has several floating wind turbine projects under development, and the technology is quickly advancing to be bankable.